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The 5th International Kampoeng Jazz was held in UNPAD Dipatiukur, March 23rd 2013. With tagline “Jazz You Back to History”, Kampoeng Jazz become magnet that attract all jazz lovers in Indonesia. They invite Sondre Lerche as main guest star, young talented musician from Norway and Tetsuo Sakurai, legend bassist from Japan. There is also Fariz RM Anthology feat Indra Lesmana, Andien, Trio Lestari (Tompi, Sandy Sandoro, and Glenn Fredly), and Chaseiro as guest stars.

Kampoeng Jazz show start from 11.00 am until 11.30 pm. This event is very interesting because personally, I love music jazz and some of my favorite singer was performed in Kampoeng Jazz. Sondre, Andien, and Trio Lestari gave us very amazing performance. I’m very happy for coming and also staisfied with this event. I hope this event will always held annually and invite many jazz guest star from other country. Bravo jazz music in Indonesia!





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