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Creative. Think different. Breakthrough. Outside the box. Everyone has different definition of ‘creative’. Now, I will review another inspiring website that very useful to us, This blog contains many creative inspiration, ideas, and also information. This blog also include creative ideas that different from others. This blog become one of the creative blog that has many fewer in past month because this blog content is very interesting.

Owner of this blog is Tanner Christensen. He is an entrepreneur, creativity expert, and marketing director from Salt Lake City, Utah. He also has spent the past two decades helping business and individuals create powerful content online. Last but not least, this blog is very interesting.


Enhance Children’s Creativity in School

Hello guys! After I wrote my opinion about creativegeneralist blog last week, now I want to review another inspiring website called In my opinion, this website is very useful. Why? Beside this website is very informative, delivering many inspiration and lesson in different way, such as via unique articles and tutorials. Many articles wrote in this website and Pak Agus picked one article titled How to Enhance Creativity in School Children. It’s time for me to review this article. Enjoy!

First of all, I will describe creative in my own word. I think that creative is how people can think outside the box and breakthrough, different from others. Creative can also describe as how people begin to think about new innovation that they never thought before. Sometimes when people hear creative, people will also think about arts. But, this website describe that “Being creative is about finding innovative ways to solve problems, generating new ideas and finding ways to make things better to name a few.”

Some research found that enhancing student creativity may offer benefits academically, developmentally, and emotionally. When we was child, teacher is the important role of our (as a student) creativity. They thought us about how to think creative in many ways. In kindergarten, we learned about how to solve problem in a simple game. Our brain trained how to solve problem from we were child. So, in elementary school until college, our brain can solve many problem from easy ones to difficult problem. As a teacher, they have big responsibility to teach us how to become creative and also smart way to solve problem. There are some activities that can enhance children creativity:
1. Word Games
Word games can encourage creative thinking because it allows children to make connections and relationships between different words. Some popular word games are Scrabbles and Bookworm.
2. Visual Thinking Games
This games employ the use of visual thinking because children encourage visualization and the use of imagination—two important aspects of thinking creatively. Show a picture and make the story about that. This games also teach people to look at something from all different angles and perspectives.
3. Drawing Games
This games can help children build on existing concepts, knowledge, and ideas, another key aspect of creativity. When we was child, our parents give us a paper with many dots. If we make line from those point then we will see one picture from those dots.

Everyone was born with their creativity. They have different way to show their creativity. We as young generation should be more creative and innovative that always come up with new ideas. The author of this article is Kelli Cooper. She is a freelance writer who specializes in education topics among others.

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When I open this website, only one word that comes in my mind: this website is totally DIFFERENT! This website contains many unique things that can fulfill people desire about creative and out-of-the-box thing. This blog become a place to write an important information such as news, book review, interview with important people, and soon. In this blog, there is an Inspiration page that contains some articles contributed by the member of the blog. The blog was categorized based on business, education, health, stories, technology, and leisure.

This blog also provide forums for people that have same interest called Society page. They can discuss or just sharing about their interest and passion with people around the world. Like me, one of my hobby is traveling. From beginning, I’ve been interested with one section, Vacation page. There is a section that explain some vacation places that recommended to be visited. It’s very inspire me to come to those places. That also may become an inspiration vacation for people around the world.

In my opinion, this blog is very informative. The author can presenting the information in interesting way. This blog provide news and article which selected based on topic that make people curious. But, I think the author should be more concern to optimize the design and visualization because with interesting design, people will be more attracted and enjoy read this blog. Hope people would like to read the information from this blog so many people will be more creative and innovative.

Idea and Trend Predictions 2012 by BusinessNewsDaily

Cynthia Bunting is a contributor in Business News Daily. She with her team asked few owners of small-business worldwide and they wanna tell us about what kind of ideas and trends that will happening in 2012. This is last year article so we can look forward and compare which trends happened and which predictions is wrong in 2012.

There are technologies, business, and digital marketing especially social media that mention in the article. In technology there are Ilya Bukshteyn from Microsoft’s Tellme tells that gesture-recognition technology will happening in 2012. Nowadays, people not only needs the voice technology but also technology that more interesting like ‘touch’ technology. People crave for something different. For example Microsoft produce Xbox Kinect, where the user’s body functions as the onscreen controller to play games. It proved with iPhone and Samsung Galaxy which has touch-pad was happening in Indonesia last year.

Dan Croft from Mission Critical Wireless also told us that there will be a rise in the building of customized enterprise application stores. Smartphones and tablets have little value without applications and the increased use of these devices creates demand for more applications that IT groups need to manage. It proved with many enterprise produce application for smartphone now. Cloud-based documents and information resources by Jason Nazar from DocStoc are implemented by Apple. They have iCloud to make his consumers easier to save they data in ‘cloud’ with unlimited memory.

When technology meets business, there are Mark Grondin from, he tells us about nowadays these are new universal shopping environment for consumers. Websites also being more accessible on televisions and the ability for users. Many stores provide online shopping. Customers easier to buy product that they want. They can buy online, in-store, shop online while in the store, or buy it online and pick it up at the store. The technology makes customers easier.

In business side, for company, Cullina from IDT 911 tells us that data is crucial thing both in small or large business. There are many cybercrime so cyberinsurance is very important. Now, the business software also needed by employee in the company. It was meant to optimize back office, make accounting easier and keep up with tax rules. The software also can creating value for business, connect your customers,and also suppliers in a network.

In the other business side, increased franchising is happened in 2012. Dan Martin from IFX predict the franchise industry, which has been going strong, will see a big uptick in franchises with very low overhead costs and low start-up costs. In the other side, Den Biederman from Biederman Redevelopment Ventures tells us that public or private partnerships will become trend. Government has spent its funds so badly, at all levels, the private entities provide those services better and price them more wisely.

In digital marketing, especially social media there are Anne Berkowitch from SelectMinds tells about social media for hiring. Many people said they are using social networks to help them recruit candidates for team. Some division in small or large company used that way. Ken Gaebler from Walker Sands Communication also tells us about Proximity-based social networks will allow you to identify like-minded individuals who are near you. Our smart gadgets will thus evolve to become a way to meet new people, taking networking, and other human-to-human interactions.

The focus of marketers in 2012, as involves social media, is going to be reputation reviews for business services and software will become the driver for accelerating adoption, especially for the business buyer. The fact is that business owners are using more online services to grow website traffic, members and sales. A lot more of these growth services will be purchased online via the B-2-B group-buying sites when the reputation of the site and its suppliers shine through. That is Van Jepson from GroupPrice prediction.

So, many things happened in 2012. There are some trends and predictions that happened but predictions are only predictions. Sometimes its right, sometimes its wrong. But overall, the trends and predictions are very interesting. Basically, as a human we should always update and innovate product and adapt it with globalization. Hope that kind of article can inspired many people to always create and innovate new product. Make people think more creative and breakthrough.

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Screenshot of tinsiders.blogspot.comHello there! This is my first time writing a blog. I want to review this cool website                                                                  ( Check this out!

    For me this blog holds amazing aspects both from designs and content. The square tile design of the blog displays various interesting issues. Upon hovering and clicking the pointer on a designated tile, the article will pop-up and display its full content. In the other side, the blog itself is very interesting and also inspiring. The author has taken picture that capture people’s daily life. The pictures taken such as design, food, technology, fashion, architecture, art, interior, etc. With a great photo captured by the author, the photo can be used for promote the product such as food and fashion goods so it will interact people to buy or use those stuffs. I think this blog should be more attractive and update. Why? Because now, there are many people interesting in design and art and I think this blog is suitable for them who love art and design.